For software providers

IOT in agriculture

As a software provider, you need an overview of which components are available in the ecosystem of “IOT in agriculture” and how you can receive data from those components?

Do you need information on how algorithms can optimize agricultural process chains?

Let’s see, how we can support you on your way into IOT in agriculture.

Data management and machine data

You have already developed software in the agricultural ecosystem and want to start handling machine data?

We can support you in analyses of ISOXML, creation of new components and integration of our own components.

You are a software provider and want to provide software in the field of  IOT in agriculture?

We are happy to support you, starting from a conceptual consulting to developer support and supply of components for your system. Our main focus is the connectivity and data exchange of machinery working in the fields.

Service and Support

You need the possibility to exchange customer datasets with other partners in the ecosystem for debugging purpose?

Customers hesitate to provide you with a dataset of which they complain, that your device can’t read it? Check out our ISOXML anonymizer.

Connection through agrirouter

You would like to connect your software to the ecosystem of agrirouter to provide your customers with more flexibility in choice of components (Terminals, Telemetry devices, machines)?

We are happy to support you in your project; for a first conceptual phase to developer support during integration or even with our own components like FADE