About dev4Agriculture

dev4Agriculture was founded in May 2018 and is specialized in the exchange, generation and analysis of agricultural machine data.

Digitalization in agriculture is a major challenge for both farmers and machine and software manufacturers. Increasing demands for documentation and optimization of the food chain and renewable energies require multi-brand solutions in a combination of specialized machines. Data exchange across brands requires standards and validation.

dev4Agriculture is working on better compatibility regardless of machine and brand. Working with standards, the definition and documentation of standards and the input to extend standards are the core of our daily business.

The prevention of monopolies in agriculture is what keeps us going every day.

dev4Agriculture does not build software for farmers or contractors.

We are not an FMIS or telemetry system manufacturer.

dev4Agriculture builds software for people who build products for farmers or contractors:

Nevertheless and precisely for this reason, a realistic view of the market is important to us and talking to the users of our customers’ products helps us to better understand the requirements of farmers and thus the requirements of our customers.

dev4Agriculture operates worldwide, because the challenges of food production and environmental protection are global issues that can and must only be addressed in cooperation with farmers.

About the founder

Frank Wiebeler, born in 1986, started programming at the age of 13 and initially wrote several applications for the PC, including a graphics program with 120 effects and a total of well over 500 functions.

After studying mechanical engineering and computer science at Münster University of Applied Sciences (Bachelor of Engineering), he worked in the field of agricultural data management for a manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the german “Emsland”, where he spent his time programming, analyzing ISOXML, testing supplied (software) products and participating in AEF workshops (e.g. for conformity tests). The participation in specification rounds for the agrirouter showed him that the everyday compatibility problems are huge and that there have to be comprehensive approaches to solve them.

For programming, he doesn’t prefer the “basement office” but likes to work “on the road”, because the changing environment always gives him new impulses for the implementation of his software ideas. Writing specifications and testing the delivered results provides a good balance to his own programming, as it allows a different perspective on the project work. In your own software you often become “company-blind”, while in others software you seem to easily find mistakes. This leads to a more critical view of one’s own software and, above all, to critical testing of his software by other developers.

Beyond the work he is mostly to be found jogging or on the motorcycle.