Shape2ISOXML converter service

Convert shape files to ISOXML compatible with any isobus terminal that runs taskcontroller

shape2ISOXML Converter

The shape2ISOXML Service creates ISOXML TaskDataSets compatible with ISO11783-10 TaskController in Version 3 and 4. Integration of the shp2ISOXML Converter service saves you time and money. Additionally to the initial development you will receive all future updates.

How it works

The schema on the right shows the architecture of shape2ISOXML. You provide your shape files, a configuration structure in JSON and – optionally – an ISOXML TaskDataset with all other relevant coding data, e.g. Farms, Customers, Products or named Partfields.

Of course we support you in both: Integration of the shape2ISOXML service and generation of ISOXML structures that include your Coding Data.

The 3 ways of integration:

Library integration

shape2ISOXML is written in TypeScript. If your platform runs TypeScript, you can directly integrate our shp2ISOXML Library.

Set up a container

shape2ISOXML comes with a fully functional docker image and a full setup documentation.

The container can be reached via HTTP REST.

Use our rest service

We provide a hosted service that you can call if you don’t want to setup your own container.

Shared cost, shared efforts

The shape2ISOXML service was developed as with multiple early bird integrators.

If you decide to use the service, you become a member in this group that shares all updates and extensions to the shape2ISOXML service.

What you receive for your investment


Here are some impression on the results that the shape2ISOXML converter provides