For machine manufacturers

As a machine manufacturer, you offer your customers machines which handle agricultural processes in the idealy manor. The increasing demands of digitization opens up new possibilities, but also new challenges.

dev4Agriculture supports you in the various phases of digitizing your products.

IOT in agriculture

Do you need an overview of how you can meaningfully live and supplement “IOT in agriculture” with your machines?

We offer workshops to do important first steps:

Data management and machine data

Your machines already have ISOBUS functions such as a Universal Terminal and you would like to add data management? We support you with the implementation of the TaskController Client and define the perfect machine description in cooperation with you.

You already use ISOBUS TaskController / DataLogger and want to increase the compatibility of your machines with other systems?
Let’s see how we can put the finishing touches to your ISOBUS Device Description.

Connect systems through agrirouter

Do you need technical information or some input on the concept of your implementation of the agrirouter connection? Talk to us. Your machines are not connected to the agrirouter themselves, but are connected to the agrirouter via a terminal.

A list of compatible terminals and telemetry devices can be found here: