For electronics equipment manufacturers

As a manufacturer of terminals, telemetry devices, smart sensors and gps systems, your products produce a lot of data or they provide connection to other machines or the internet.

Let’s see, how we can integrate those data and products into iot in agriculture.

Do you create equipment for agricultural machines, e.g. a silage insulation plants? Let’s see, how we get the data your equipment needs to your equipment.

IOT in agriculture

Do you need an overview of how you can meaningfully live and supplement “IOT in agriculture” with your machines?

We offer workshops to do important first steps:

ISOBUS and TaskController Introduction

You are a manufacturer of terminals or telemetry devices from a related industry and want to enter the field of agriculture?

We are happy to provide you with consulting on data recording from ISOBUS machinery, creation and interpretation of ISOXML.

Data management and machine data

Your devices are already ISO compatible, you e.g. provide an ISOBUS UT and see task controller as your next logical step?

We are happy to support you on this project.

Your devices already have a TaskController/Data logger and you would like to increase the compatiblity?

Check out our ISOXML Database.

Connect systems through agrirouter

You would like to connect your devices to the ecosystem of agrirouter anbinden, to provide more flexibility in selection of components (e.g. Farming Software and machinery)?

We are happy to support your project starting from conceptual consulting to developer support and supply of components like FADE.

Service and Support

You need the possibility to exchange customer datasets with other partners in the ecosystem for debugging purpose?

Customers hesitate to provide you with a dataset of which they complain, that your device can’t read it? Check out our ISOXML anonymizer.