IOT in Agriculture

Agriculture 4.0 is the common term for the digitisation of agriculture. Digitalisation, on the other hand, refers to the mapping of agricultural processes into a digital process. By documenting the correct parameters of a farm, functions can be developed that improve decision-making processes in agriculture and simplifies business for the farmer.

Conceptual Consulting

Iot – the Internet of things – in agriculture, that is first of all a rather general term, which can mean this or that. It describes the connection of sensors via a network, which makes new functions possible. A few practical examples:

What all these solutions have in common is that they do not necessarily have to be operated with systems from the same manufacturer.

The internet of things in agriculture consists of components that communicate with each other via interfaces and standardized formats:

Where is your place in the Iot on the farm? How can your system be ideally integrated into the existing ecosystem?

Let’s find out during a free initial hour of consultation.

Writing and checking requirements specification

Requirement specification drafting

There are so many things to keep in mind in an iot project in agriculture:

to name just a few.

We will be happy to support you in the preparation of your requirement specifications or even create them on your behalf.

Checking your requirement specifications

You have already initiated a project, know your requirements and have drawn up a requirement specification? We would be happy to carry out an audit and provide input, for example which technical  specialities you should take into account.

Checking provided specifications

Your project has already started, the prefered supplier was chosen and he provided a proposal for a specification of his solution? Do you need someone to take a look, if there are any technical topics missing, that would be required for iot in agriculture?

Let us take a look, we’ll provide input and check, if there’s something important missing

Component supply

There are many iot platform providers out there, but we are none of them. Our specific focus is in the concepts and the development of components for data exchange through agrirouter and for the analysis and creation of ISOXML. We will be happy to provide consultancy on these topics and specialised components like FADE to get your suppliers up and running as fast as possible.

Project support, test and final inspection

Your project partner has further questions

You need support in testing provided versions of a new IOT solution?

We are happy to support you in the development and test process of your new IOT solution and deliver reports on status and quality of the product.