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You know this?😰

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Connecting machines to farming software - who we are and what we do!

Hi there, I’m Frank, found of dev4Agriculture and Ag-IT-Nerd with a heard for machines and farming software. 

We know: Building your own agricultural software can be a real roler coaster. You start with this one simple idea of your software. Better and more simple than all the others. You know hw it  shall look like and what it can do better than any other software. What it’s really special and unique for


And your customers love it! 

… except… 

“You know, I’ld need a storage documentation” 

“My drivers have to type all the info by hand”

“We need to organize our machinery maintenance”


One farm is not like the other and so you’re stuck in a constant hunt for features to please everyone. 


So you add all those input fields and database entries and your customers love it!


… except …


– “There’s something wrong in the data, but I don’t know what happened”

“I didn’t find the time to write it down, what shall I do now?”

“I have 30 sheets of paper with my result data, how can I get them into the system?”

– “My machines cost millions and still I have to take screenshots of my data. Why???”


So you’re looking for ways to automate the data input and the data exchange. And this might be how you found dev4Agriculture.


Maybe you already know a lot about ISOBUS and ISOXML, maybe you’re starting out with the topic. 


Maybe you’re looking for analysis of machine data, maybe you’re looking for prescription maps for seeding and fertilizing.


Maybe you’re planing USB data exchange, maybe you’ve already heard of the agrirouter



Of course we don’t know, which of the above aspects is correct about your situation, but we’re positive it’s worth talking 🙂  


Our knowledge - Your benefits

Knowledge transfer:

We'll guide all developers into the topics of ISOXML and machine data exchange. Of course we're there for you in maintenance as well.​

Helping people help themselves:

When it comes to harvest, things have to go fast. So we provide you with tools to root out potential issues right on the phone so your client can get to work. Of course we are also at your disposal if that is not enough.

Proactive bug fixing

Always wait until your customer finds a bug? Or would it be better to know in advance if there are small, fixable errors in a machine out there? We collect this knowledge and integrate it directly into our libraries.


We know all the relevant players in the market and are in contact with the development department

Fast developments:

With our customizable services, you'll get your first results in no time.

Services and support:

We support you with questions from your customers on the subject of machine data.

So, what you're waiting for?

How it works - best results in 4 + 1 steps to success

Comparison of "What you need and what exists"

First, we look at your software and determine the true potential that machine data can bring to your customers. Using a systematic questionnaire, we gain a clear understanding of all your requirements – from technical to agronomic aspects. Of course there is room for inspiration and ideas. We will also consider what can already be implemented with little or no effort on your side. In most cases, this results in the next three steps described below.

Tell it to the tractor

Let the machines know what to do. Where to go, what to seed/spray/fertilize. We integrate a task data service for you that generates ISOXML task data based on the information available in your system. This can be a significant step towards customer value, including prescription maps and even guidance lines. Your biggest benefit here is that we have existing components to adjust to your needs, e.g. regarding infrastructure, (internal) interfaces and authentication.


By the end of this step, your customers can plan tasks and provide those to their tractors in ISOXML.

Drop the (USB)stick

Stop making your customers running marathons between tractor and laptop. Through online data exchange – e.g. via agrirouter – we save your customers a lot of time. Nothing worse than being 40km from the farm and recognizing you forgot the prescription map.

Your benefit to work with agrirouter? It is supported by  more than 100 industry partners worldwide and  nearly 40 connected solutions. And it’s used for different types of data:

– ISOXML? Supported. 

– Pictures? Supported. 

– Telemetry? Supported. 

– Nuclear fusion? … ah,OK, not yet 😉 


By the end of this step, the data can already be transferred in both directions.That’s a perfect start to jump into the next step of data analysis

Listen to your machines

Jobs processed, sowing done? Let’s continue with the analysis . Our analysis service reads the data relevant to your customers from ISOXML and enters it directly into your system. Unlike existing solutions, we go beyond a simple “here’s the data” approach; we aggregate, combine and translate the information to fit your system. This allows us to tailor the service to your specific needs.

Problem? No problem!

The project is successfully delivered and published. But we’re not done yet!

Time to empower your team. Through workshops and quizes/challenges, we ensure that your developers feel comfortable in the project and develop an understanding of the challenges of machine data. Our extensive knowledge database is always available for them.

Your support team will also be supported through knowledge and access to this database. 

With our services and tools, we support your support team when things get stuck. This allows you to give your customers an answer to their compatibility problems in the shortest possible time. We will contact the manufacturer on your behalf to resolve the issue.

You're not alone - here's what our customers say about us


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