ISOXML Libraries

Open source ISOXML Libraries

Intro: what is ISOXML?

ISO11783 is a communication protocol for the agricultural machines based on CAN Bus (more specific: the SAE J1939).  Part 10 of this standard describes means to document machine data and to handle prescription maps. This is called a TaskController. ISOXML is the data format for data exchange between Machine Terminals (MICS) and Farming Software (FMIS). It is recognized as “Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry – Serial control and communications data network”.

Our open source Libraries

Dev4Agriculture provides multiple Open Source Libraries to generate and analyse ISOXML. This simplifies your work as an FMIS or MICS developer to handle agricultural Data Exchange.

The ISOXML file format consists of different files that might exist, depending on the direction the information is being sent (e.g., FMIS to MICS versus MICS to FMIS).

What are the Libraries about?

ISOXML  can include Customer and product information as well as Application Maps. When returned from the Terminal (MICS), they also include Machinery Data. Our libraries support you in generating grids, filling Coding data (such as Customers, Products, etc.) and analysing all DDIs from

Service and support

We offer service and support with your implementation:

Please be aware that we cannot offer professional support free of charge, we’re however always open for questions of hobbyists and farmers. 🙂


The ISOXML DotNet implementation is compatible with DotNet Core and provides ISOXML functionalities for C# developers.

It is available as a nuget package:
NuGet Gallery | Dev4Agriculture.ISO11783.ISOXML


The ISOXML js implementation is good for nodejs-Based Applications and also great for ISOXML analysis directly in the browser.

It is available as an npm package:
isoxml – npm (


Support deprecated for 2024

The Java classes created in collaboration with Incentergy GmbH ( dev4Agriculture/jaxb-iso-11783-part-10 ( are good for server or desktop applications using the GeoServer (dev4Agriculture/geoserver-iso-11783-part-10 ( application. With GeoServer we’re able to convert ISOXML to many different formats.