We offer concept consulting, developer support and more servicesfor your project in IOT and data management in agriculture. Our special focus is on the collection, transmission and evaluation of machine data collected from agricultural machines from different manufacturers. ISOBUS, the ISO11783 TaskController as recording device and ISOXML as export format is our daily business.

Iot networks in agriculture

Farms are more and more becoming sensor networks of an internet of agricultural things. Let’s see, how your products and services best fit in these farm specific micro ecosystems.

Machine data management

The ISO11783-10 TaskController server and client exchange data between an ISOBUS machine and a Terminal. As a common standard for data exchange, ISO11783-10 ISOXML is used to forward these data from terminals to agricultural software solutions. But ISOXML offers a lot more. Let’s see, how we can support you through consulting, development or components on your route to ISOXML.

Data exchange through agrirouter

Through agrirouter, farmers and contractors can connect many components of their daily work. These components and – if the users want – even their accounts can exchange data with each other. Let’s see, how your solution can be onboarded to agrirouter and what would be the best way to implement that.