Agrirouter Telemetry App

The agrirouter telemetry app

What is it?

The agrirouter telemetry app is an app connecting Android and iOS smartphones to the agrirouter, enabling your customers to share their position with fleet management systems and show other drivers position.

Users can upload pictures to document their work in the fields; is it to document a stone position, the seeding result or soil sample information

Where to get it?

The agrirouter telemetry app is currently not available in the App Stores. dev4Agriculture provides development and branding services to put the app online as your Smartphone solution. Contact us for further info.

Open source approach

The source code of the agrirouter GPS Info App is publicly available at DKE-Data/agrirouter-gps-info-app ( using the free and open Apache2 License.

A little background

As part of the “Experimentier-Felder”-Project (Agro-Nordwest | Startseite ), the app was created to document simple machines and perform Fleet Management. It was successfully tested in the field on Android and iOS with mixed fleets (Different machine brands, different smartphone brands).